Living sound.


You can listen to some of my compositions in here.

This is a set of Orchestral music I wrote mainly for video games:

This is a set of Electronic music I wrote, again, usually for video games:

This is a blend of orchestral and glitchy downbeat I’m working on at the moment:

Industrialism v0.8 by xzm
I composed the Armitage Theme as a score for an application promo. It had to sound dark and menacing, so I wrote it in a low key and gave it an overall rough sound.

This is actually a remix I did of an old composition of mine. Besides the satisfaction of making it sound better, I also got to measure the progress I made in terms of technique and knowledge. The client for whom I did this remix was also very pleased with the song.

Cat’s Eyes (2010 rework) by xzm

This is my first song produced using Cubase, back in 2007. Having used Propellerhead Reason for such a long time, I had to get used to a different approach to composing music.

Abnormal Experiment – 1 by xzm

This is an interlude which featured on a trip hop Romanian band’s album in 2009.

Aeczem – Iupiu by xzm


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