Living sound.


I will post some excerpts from my projects here. The soundcloud wave visualization helps understand graphically the difference between the raw version and the enhanced one.

This file contains an excerpt from an audiobook project I worked on. As you can hear, the first half is the original material I had received, and the second half is the clean and edited version of it:

The first half of this audio clip is extracted from the original file I had received. The second half is the same excerpt after I reduced the background noise and compressed the dynamic range so that the file would sound more consistent. I also reduced the low end while raising the mid frequencies, as the original audio sounds muffled and too deep. On top of that I performed echo reduction in order to make the recording more clear:

This is a before and after file illustrating the difference between the original state of the recording I had received and the way it sounded after I cleaned it up:


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