Living sound.


I started learning how to use a Digital Audio Workstation in 2003, and I have been perfecting my creativity in the field of music ever since. I first worked with Propellerhead Reason, and after a few years I also learned to use Steinberg Cubase. Later on I took up learning Ableton Live, in order to be more versatile  in composing music. All this time I also employed Adobe Audition for audio editing and restoration purposes.

My journey in this realm provided me with invaluable insight on production and post-production techniques. I got to explore the depths of my creativity, to the extent that now I am capable of composing music to convey virtually any specific emotion. Besides the creative part, I also gained priceless post-production abilities which enable me to alter and enhance any type of recorded audio content.

The idea of creating an entity which would encompass all these abilities had been lying somewhere for quite a while. When it finally surfaced, I was already working as a freelance audio designer, so Alchemy Audio Design was designed as a platform which would make my services more accessible to the people interested.

George Vlad, Alchemy Audio Design


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