Living sound.



I’m George Vlad, passionate musician/audio designer and founder of Alchemy Audio Design. If you are looking for high quality music for your video, fast and reliable editing for your audiobook, or maybe sound effects for your application, then you have come to the right place.

I have been writing music for more than 7 years. Most of it can be encompassed by the large umbrella which is Electronica. Lately I have started to write orchestral music as well, and occasionally I would escape any boundaries and just experiment with sound waves.

When I’m not composing I do editing and post production, so I get to collaborate with a lot of people who need to refine their own work or just make it sound better. This is what I am proficient at as an Audio Design professional:

* music for video games and apps;
* music for movies and videos;
* audio effects design;
* audio editing for podcasts, audiobooks or any other audio product;
* audio master restoration;

Well, what else… Need guidance? Need answers? Have a bright idea that involves sound and requires a trained ear? Contact me.


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